Si SENSOR INDUSTRY CO.,LTDApplication Fields for SI Sensors


We need following information to satisfy your requirements on the sensors:
1. The application field for the sensor
2. The medium/environment the sensor will work in
3. Working temperature range of the sensor
4. Sensitive element category of the sensor: Pt, NTC, PTC or IC
5. Resistance and tolerance of the sensor at a certain temperature point, or R-T table and tolerance
6. B value of the sensor: B25/50 or B25/85, or other requirements on temperature coefficient
7. Temperature response time of the sensor
8. Type/model of the connector and terminal, or other requirements on connector
9. Requirements on the cap/probe, including the materials, size, and shape
10. Requirements on the wire, including the spec and length
11. Other requirements on the sensor

Flow chart for enquiring and ordering:
Clientí»s drawing/sample and(or) requirements (Please see above)
Offering price and client confirms
Offering drawing and client confirms
Sample trial production, test, and client tests, tryout and confirms

Small batch production, QC scheme, client tryout

Batch production


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